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Affordable case management featuring:

What is interCOMM?

interCOMM is a secure, high performance, full featured, cloud based case management system (CMS) that can be deployed in minutes and easily configured.

interCOMM is available on flexible, low cost, pay-as-you-go terms providing a cost effective solution with no capital outlay.

interCOMM can be integrated with other 3rd party systems through an extensive application programming interface (API).

interCOMM Dashboard

“The world’s best case management system is built by a British SME and exported around the world”

Mark Beer OBE, CEO, The Dispute Resolution Authority (Dubai)

Mobile enabled

interCOMM has a ‘responsive’ design which means it works on all form-factors. Forms can be completed anywhere and at any time via a mobile phone.

Drag ‘n Drop Form Builder

Build attractive, easy-to-use, feature rich forms that work on all devices including mobile phones.

Advanced intelligent scheduling and diary management

The interCOMM scheduling and diary management functionality allows users to manage multiple resources from a central location. The diary is packed with advanced purpose built features.

With Visionhall’s state of the art intelligent case scheduling module, organisations can schedule cases automatically based on specialties, workload, availability, complexity, time, and case type etc.

Go paperless!

interCOMM process automation eliminates the need for paper. Files and documents can be shared by all authorised users.

Beautiful data visualisations

interCOMM includes numerous data visualisations that are easy to readm to help management keep on top of KPI’s and statistics. Data can be exported in CSV format to Excel or most other 3rd party reporting tools.

Fees (ePayments)

Manage filing fees and payments. Fees are calculated and charged automatically. Payments can be made electronically via PayPal. Credit facilities and Direct Debits are also supported. Note – Integration with other payment engines is possible. See our implementation services section below.


Parties can subscribe to receive an alert whenever there is activity on a case they are watching.


Configure flexible workflows for each form. Workflows generate prompts to inform parties about the court rules.

Automate processes to ensure your customers get a consistent, timely response to routine actions freeing time for your staff to provide high quality value-added services for more challenging issues.

Hosting options

interCOMM can be hosted in the cloud or on customers own managed servers.


Prepare documents using specialist productivity suites then upload them to the interCOMM case record.

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Access to Justice

interCOMM provides customised dashboards for court staff, the judiciary and the legal community. In the interests of transparency, the general public are able to search for cases and interrogate the court diary without having to visit the court.

interCOMM can be configured to inform the growing number of “Litigants in Person” about court rules and procedures in order to help keep the case progressing in a timely manner.


interCOMM was primarily designed for law courts however the core functionality is applicable to a much wider market. Any organisation that seeks to digitise services through electronic forms with integrated case management can benefit from interCOMM.  Here are some examples:

  • Arbitration
  • Visa management
  • License management
  • Will registration
  • Local Authorities
  • Charities
  • Tribunals
  • Mediators
  • Police
  • etc

Rapid Deployment

interCOMM v5 is built for easy deployment using the very latest microservices architecture. A new system can be deployed to the Microsoft Azure cloud in as little as 10 minutes. After some basic configuration the customers can offer e-filing and case management within a day!

Continuous Development

Visionhall are continuously developing the interCOMM platform, adding new features and optimising others to embrace the very latest technologies. Visionhall are able to deploy new releases and patches nightly to ensure our customers always have the most up-to-date system.

Implementation Services and Support


Visionhall provides specialist tailored professional services to support customers in the implementation of the interCOMM Platform. Services include business analysis, process-redesign and integrations into any line-of-business system. Visionhall consultants also help customers drive channel shift and deliver efficient digital services, through our extensive experience since 2005.

Setup / Configuration

For customers who do not have the resources to setup and configure a system, Visionhall are able to help.

Data Migration

Visionhall can build data migration tools to import data from existing legacy systems. Our tools perform data cleansing to enhance the quality and integrity of the original data.


Visionhall will design a bespoke training programme for each customer. Training can be delivered to groups or individuals, in person or on-line.

Bespoke form design

Visionhall can build bespoke web forms featuring a range of advanced feaures designed to enhance the user experience, reduce data input and improve data quality.

Free Trial

interCOMM licenses are available for a simple flat monthly fee covering unlimited users, cases and documents which means organisations can start to offer advanced digital services at a very affordable cost. Contact us for a demo and 1 month free trial.

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