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In order to improve the user experience webCMS makes use of various features built into modern web-browsers to store non-sensitive data locally. This is known as caching.

Caching is used to reduce the number of times data is fetched from the interCOMM Application Server. Certain data which does not change often is retrieved once and stored in the browser. Modern browsers store data in different locations each serving a different purpose:

  • LocalStorage – This is used for long term data that rarely changes¬†such as Countries and Currency Codes. This data will remain in the browser until it is exressly cleared. Each browser has a built-in feature to clear local cache (usually Ctrl-F5).
  • SessionStorage – SessionStorage is like LocalStorage except that it is relaoded each time the application starts and cleared afterwards or if the tab is closed. webCMS uses SessionStorage to store data that changes infrequently such as Judges. If a new Judge is added but does not appear then the application should be shut-down and restarted.
  • Cache –