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About us

Company Profile

Visionhall Information Systems Ltd (Visionhall) is a UK based IT consultancy specializing in the Justice sector. Visionhall was formed in 2005.

Our core product, interCOMM Integrated Case and Court Management System, was originally developed to meet the stringent requirements of the London Commercial Court. interCOMM is an off-the-shelf system providing a high performance, scalable, secure, easy to use solution for courts of all sizes. It has a modular design based upon open-standards which means it can be integrated with existing legacy systems as well as other open applications such as document management or business intelligence. interCOMM can be configured by the court enabling it to be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

Today, Visionhall has a team of developers and consultants with a wealth of experience in the justice sector. During the course of previous implementations our staff have spent a considerable amount of time with court back office staff, the Judiciary and external court users learning the court processes and understanding the business requirements.

Visionhall are committed to continued development of the interCOMM product to maintain their position at the forefront of justice sector technology.

Our mission

Visionhall is a specialist software design company providing innovative solutions that embrace the very latest technologies.

Our mission is to continue to deliver excellent software for our clients in the Justice sector and beyond.

We believe in exceeding client expectations by providing quality services and management insight. The quality of our consulting and development team ensures quality results for our clients.

We have established successful relationships with our clients, and the fact that the majority of our work results from client referrals is testimony to the quality of our services and client satisfaction. Visionhall works with a broad cross section of businesses ranging from small to large public sector entities in the United Kingdom and overseas.

The Visionhall difference

Visionhall  are different because:

  • We work with our clients as opposed to “doing things to them.”
  • We listen and adapt our approaches to meet specific requirements and unique challenges.
  • Our clients get who they see. We provide senior developers, architects, consultants and trainers with significant subject-matter experience.
  • As a small-to-medium enterprise, we bring a highly agile delivery model that is able to mobilise considerable technical depth as appropriate—and work in ways which can flex to accommodate changing circumstances.
  • Visionhall is not a traditional consultancy, systems integrator, or outsourcing firm:  we are a services aggregator that delivers innovation.  We work with a small number of very carefully selected partners who represent the best in their sector, selected on the basis of their demonstrable reputation for reliability and excellence and value-for-money.
  • We are ‘hands on’ throughout the project, assuming full delivery responsibility but working as a joined-up team, proactively leading and managing project delivery, in addition to the specialist advisory roles fulfilled by our consultants.
  • We are experts in a wide range of technologies and we offer impartial advice fully informed by the latest products and technology developments.
  • Visionhall has substantial experience in the public sector. All Visionhall team members bring to their assignments in-depth business experience across a broad range of sectors; and
  • Visionhall has a proven track record of delivering quality solutions and services on time, within budget and to a high level of client satisfaction. From our past experience we know that recommended approaches need to be pragmatic and sustainable. We utilise appropriate methodologies to ensure the success of all assignments.