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About us

Visionhall is a specialist business and technology services company based in the UK.  We provide innovative advice, services and technology across a number of sectors, with a particular focus on Justice. We have a strong corporate and collegiate ethos, with our staff owning a significant proportion of company shares as well as participating in a profit share arrangement.

Founded in 2006, Visionhall has deliberately remained a small-sized SME. Our small core of highly talented technicians are supported by strategic partnerships on several continents. This means that we have breadth and depth of resources to match larger organisations, but are also able to respond quickly and accurately to client needs, enabled by a flatter, more directly engaged management structure.

Visionhall is driven by the belief that cloud-based solutions, with linked development platforms, combined with a more digital approach to people, process and culture can drive real customer/citizen-focused change within the public sector.  From our experience of working within the public sector, we know that the pressure to deal with business-as-usual operations, events and changing political priorities means that these tremendously important and complex organisations have not been deliberately architected or designed, even at a high level.  Understandably, and in common with many other organisations, they have been forced to evolve, often layering on more and more departmental silos, vertically-focused business processes and, in the last 15 or so years, inflexible technology products and contracts. Somewhere in this process, it has become very difficult and/or costly to efficiently service the needs of the citizen and other stakeholders.

Technology is only one element of creating a new approach and it is clear that even the most sophisticated, well-designed technology landscape cannot, by itself, deliver an agile and flexible organisation.  However, when the problem is expressed from the opposite perspective, the importance of technology becomes clear.  Without well-designed, user-centred, platform-based and increasingly open technology architecture, all other initiatives aimed at creating a more flexible, responsive organisation will fail or be severely constrained.

Our vision is to work more closely and innovatively with our customers to ensure that the real benefits of digital transformation are unlocked and that the client organisation is equipped to embrace future challenges.


The Visionhall Difference

If you select Visionhall you will find we are different from the competition because:

  • We work with our clients as opposed to “doing things to them.”
  • We listen and adapt our approaches to meet specific requirements and unique challenges.
  • As a small-to-medium enterprise, we bring a highly agile delivery model that is able to mobilise considerable technical depth as appropriate—and work in ways which can flex to accommodate changing circumstances.
  • Visionhall is not a traditional consultancy, systems integrator, or outsourcing firm:  we are a services aggregator that delivers innovation.  We work with a small number of very carefully selected partners who represent the best in their sector, selected on the basis of their demonstrable reputation for reliability and excellence and value-for-money.
  • We are ‘hands on’ throughout the project, assuming full delivery responsibility but working as a joined-up team, proactively leading and managing project delivery, in addition to the specialist advisory roles fulfilled by our consultants.
  • We are experts in a wide range of technologies and we offer impartial advice fully informed by the latest products and technology developments.