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Advanced diary and resource management
Electronic filing and remote case management for court users
Document Management
Store large volumes of data efficiently
Produce statistics and KPIs at the press of a button
Manage filing fees and other receipts
Communicate with court users and others

Court Case Management System

can be configured to suit any court of any size including Commercial, Criminal, Family, Chancery etc. It can also be used in tribunals with a team of judges presiding.

is optimised to deliver exceptional performance and reliability which means better service for court users.

is easy to use which means less training is required with fewer support requests.

can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively by Visionhall's experienced consultants.

The modular design means it can be used either as one integrated solution or separately which makes it the ideal solution for those looking to either replace or extend an older legacy case management system.

allows case documents to be filed electronically from any source in an open-standard format. That means a law firm could submit documents directly from their own case management systems at the press of a button.

can be customised in an efficient risk-free manner due to the modular n-tier architecture. Customisation can include adding or adapting features in line with existing court processes.

The COTS solution is under constant development and includes the best ideas from other jurisdictions. The system benefits from regular upgrades under the standard Visionhall support contract.

A COTS solution (as opposed to a bespoke system) has a number of important advantages. A COTS solution will be a proven, reliable product that can be implemented quickly by experienced consultants.

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